What do you know about Kindle Worlds (KW)?  An author of several Lei Crime KW novella, author Julie C. Gilbert makes some convincing points about the merits of KW stories for writers and readers alike.

8 of the Many Benefits to Writing and Reading Kindle World Stories
by Julie C. Gilbert

4 Benefits for Writers:Juliegilbert

  • Discover new readers – Amazon chooses worlds that are already popular. Here’s your chance to shine before a fresh lot of readers.
  • Challenge yourself in a new way – novellas are a different beast than novels. They’re shorter than novels, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily “easier” to put together. It’s just a different skill set. In a novel you have a lot of time to go deep into your characters and flesh out the plot, but in a novella, you’ve kind of got to get to the point quickly, while still maintaining enough characterization that people care for the person you’re writing about.
  • Meet awesome people – This isn’t a new form of online dating, but it is a great way to network with other writers. I’ve only really “met” two of the owners of Kindle Worlds series—authors who penned the series which a particular KW is based on, but they’re both awesome. I’m talking about the others helping to build the world. My experiences with the crew involved in bringing the Lei Crime KW to life have been amazing. I even got to meet one in person.
  • Develop your skills – Writing is the sort of craft that improves over time and with much practice. Kindle Worlds are great because they already have established worlds filled with characters you can take then shape into someone new.

4 Benefits for Readers:

  • Expanding worlds that already fascinate you – Writers only have so much time in their lives, and some of it is occupied by eating, sleeping, and making sure our families and significant others know we still exist. Kindle Worlds allows other authors to keep the series magic alive by bringing you new stories.
  • Going deeper into certain characters – page time can be a coveted thing when it comes to characters. There’s a fine balance between giving enough details so the people feel real and drowning readers in details. KW stories take characters who might only be mere blips on the radar of the regular series and gives them their chance to shine.
  • Discovering new authors – This might sound like more of a writer benefit than a reader one, but it works well for both. Take these as writer auditions for your affections. Generally speaking, Kindle Worlds stories are novellas or short stories. They have to be a minimum of 5000 words, but I’ve yet to see many of even short novel length. (50K) I believe the “sweet spot” we were collectively told was 25000 words. Most of the Kindle Worlds authors I know have their own series as well. If you find somebody you like, you’ll have discovered a new treasure. I probably know about 2-3 dozen at this point, and of those, only one comes to mind as a new writer.
  • Meet awesome people – A solid number of the writers who involve themselves with Kindle Worlds are independent writers. Some are best sellers and others are traditionally published, but they’re also pretty down to earth. If you hunted them down on Facebook, I’m fairly certain they’d answer you.

How to Get the Most out of Kindle Worlds:

sdw_UY250_It’s recommended that you read at least the first in the canon series (the original series). Other than that, the more of the canon series you enjoy, the more side characters you’ll meet along the way.

Lei Crime Series Kindle World Novellas:

About Julie Gilbert:

“I’m a high school chemistry teacher, a writer, a Lego maniac, and a Star Wars fan. I also drink too much root beer and tea. I’ve written four Lei Crime Kindle World novellas: Never Again, Money Makes it Deadlier, Revenge Makes it Sweeter, and Christmas Makes it Chaos. Soon, I’ll be joining the launch for a brand new Kindle World (Sydney Rye, coming March 2016).”Neveragain

Contact Info and Social Media:


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