Spotlight, Guest Post & Giveaway: WITHOUT A DOUBT by Nancy Cole Silverman and a Review, too.

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As part of a Blog Tour organized by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours,  I am pleased to have Nancy Cole Silverman as my guest today as she celebrates the upcoming release of Without a Doubt – the third book in the  Carol Childs Mystery Series.  In her guest  post on justifiable homicide she confesses to having had a murderous thought or two in the past.  (Haven’t we all?)

Justifiable Homicide by Nancy Cole Silverman

Sometimes murder is justified.  I say this, of course, very tongue-in-cheek, because that’s exactly what happened. But, before I get ahead of myself let me share a little history.    P1030875a

When I was very young, and by that I mean twenty-something, I was living in Germany, where my ex-husband was stationed with the Air Force. It was during the early seventies and like many other air force wives with husbands in Europe, when we arrived, I suddenly found myself alone. For reasons I’ve never understood, our husbands were constantly TDY. That’s temporary duty for those non-military types; meaning he was gone, for long stretches of time.

Which meant, I needed to be self-sufficient. And so, along with two of the other Air Force wives, we set out to explore Europe.  None of us had a lot of money. But, we were all fortunate enough to have jobs.  Lori and I worked as teachers for the DOD. I taught English, Lori taught History and Teri was a nurse. We shared expenses: gas, food, lodging and my used green Volvo, which I had bought off a soldier returning stateside.

Together we went everywhere. We stayed in youth hostels, gasthauses and pensiones. Once we even stayed in a brothel, by accident. We were headed to England via Calais, France, when a storm grounded our hovercraft. Low hanging clouds rolled in and every available inn was shuttered, except one.  A small bistro. We entered, hoping to have dinner before returning south to Germany when the proprietor approached us.  Did we need a room?  Ha! Ha! What we didn’t know–or was possibly lost in translation– will one day become a short story. However, I can tell you while we were never bothered, we slept with our eyes open, our clothes on and left at the first ray of sunlight.

On one trip we breakfasted in Germany, lunched in Austria and dinnered in Northern Italy.  Lori, who had visited Florence with her husband on a previous trip, swore to us the best-looking man on the planet ran a pensione in Florence. So on our next trip south, we had to check to him out.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.  And while Lori was never anything but loyal to her handsome husband Bob, neither Teri nor I could see what she saw in Roberto. He was more Alfred E. Neuman than Michaelangelo.

Dirty Old Man and Nancy (2)But, back to my story and my tongue-in-cheek reference to justifiable homicide.  It happened on a trip to Neuschwanstein, a gorgeous, white castle in the Bavarian Alps built by the Mad King Ludwig in 1886.

On our hike up to the castle, we were met by a little old German man who looked as though he could have stepped out of a history.  He had a full gray beard and was wearing lederhosen, long socks, and hiking boots.  And with a twinkle in his eye, he offered to pose for a photo with us. I took the first set of pictures; Lori and then Teri. Great shots I might add.  They used them on Christmas Cards later that year. I, however, was the last to pose, and trusting this would be a quick photo, went and sat next to him.  The only difference was – remember that twinkle in his eye – when I sat down, he wrapped his arm around my neck, smiled at the camera and with my head in a neck lock, proceeded to kiss me, tongue in cheek!

And this is why I believe there is such a thing as justifiable homicide.   How about you?  What experiences in your life have led you to believe you could commit murder?

Without A Doubt – A Carol Childs Mystery

WITHOUT A DOUBT front SM (1).jpgDescription:

“Carol is a smart, savvy heroine that will appeal to readers. This is a cozy with a bite.” – Rosemary Smith, Books for Avid Readers (on Shadow of Doubt)

“Fast paced and cleverly plotted, an edgy cozy with undertones of noir.” – Sue McGinty, Author of the Bella Kowalski Central Coast Mysteries (on Beyond a Doubt)

As radio reporter Carol Childs investigates a series of Beverly Hills jewelry heists, she realizes her FBI boyfriend, Eric, is working the same case. Even worse, she may have inadvertently helped the suspect escape. The situation intensifies when the suspect calls the radio station during a live broadcast, baiting Carol deeper into the investigation.

In order for her to uncover the truth, Carol must choose between her job and her personal relationships. What started out as coincidence between Carol and Eric becomes a race for the facts—pitting them against one another—before the thieves can pull off a daring escape, leaving a trail of dead bodies behind, and taking the jewels with them.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. It was a light read, with an interesting plot. Carol Childs is a reporter, which lent credibility to her ability to track down information. Carol is a likeable and well developed character. Her personal relationship with Eric is strained by her involvement in the case,  which made a lot of sense.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that the characters felt real – believable – for me, that’s a big plus.  The mystery  was fairly fast paced, with a lot going on (no spoilers here) and a few unexpected twists along the way.  I expect that cozy mystery fans will enjoy this book.

This book is part of a series, however can easily be read as a standalone.

FTC Disclosure:   I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of this blog tour.  This has not affected the content of my review in any way. 


Enter for a chance to win one of three signed copies of Without A Doubt  in this Rafflecopter giveaway.

About the Author

Nancy Cole Silverman credits her twenty-five years in news and talk radio for helping her to develop an ear for storytelling. But it wasn’t until after she retired that she was able to write fiction full-time. Much of what Silverman writes about is pulled from events that were reported on from inside some of Los Angeles’ busiest newsrooms where she spent the bulk of her career. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Bruce, and two standard poodles.

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