Review: A WINTER CONNECTION by Denisa Carroll

It was time for a break from mysteries  so I browsed the evergrowing library on my Kindle and curled up to read a romance I had 1-clicked sometime in recent months.  As a result, it is my pleasure to tell you about A Winter Connection,  a sweet romance written by  fellow CIR member, Denisa Carroll. A Winter Connection is part of the author’s Love Seasons collection.


Brynn’s life seems to have gone wrong all at once. A cheating boyfriend gone, a wedding cancelled and now, to cap it all, no job at the London legal firm where she has been working since she qualified. So she is persuaded to go back to Yorkshire, to the Dales farm where she was raised, while she tries to sort out her life. One thing she is certain of, whatever her prospects, they certainly won’t involve any man. 

But arrogant vet, Jake Southworth, who she cannot abide, seems to have a different idea of her future. Will a sudden crisis confirm her opinion of him, or will her prospects suddenly start to look altogether different?

My Review

This was a fun romance,  a well written light read.

The star-crossed lovers – Brynn and Jake  – are  basically good people who have trouble communicating honestly with one another.  But for different reasons, Brynn afraid of getting hurt again and  Jake out of concern for Brynn.  It is easy to admire Brynn’s commitment to her family, and at the same time recognize her flaws. One obstacle to Brynn’s happiness is tied to an incident that traumatized her as a child – the details emerge in the course of the story, providing a mini-mystery element of sorts.  Jake, although cocky at times, is a sweetheart at the core. I couldn’t help rooting for him as the story progressed.  Most of the story takes place in Yorkshire,  providing a taste of rural life and the local dialect. And there were dogs; dogs are always a good thing 🙂

If you enjoy sweet romance,  this is a great choice for a  light weekend read.


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