Review: SHARPE EDGE by Lisa B. Thomas

With hundreds of books on my Kindle, it is amazing how long it can take me to decide what to read next.  One night, after lengthy deliberation, I settled in to read  Sharpe Edge by Lisa B. Thomas.

SharpeEdgeDescription (from Amazon)

If Deena Sharpe had known she would soon be investigating another death, she might have skipped Christmas altogether. Buoyed by a new job and a spirit for the holidays, she carries on, blind to what the next few weeks will hold. 

A Christmas party for the upper crust of the small Texas town of Maycroft turns tragic when the hostess ends up dead. Everyone assumes her death is an accident—everyone except her daughter, Estelle. She turns to Deena to help solve the mystery. A jealous friend and a mysterious heir are just two of the likely suspects. As a school teacher turned newspaper reporter, Deena must get crafty to dig out the truth before anyone else gets hurt, including her own brother. 

Sharpe Edge is the second book in the Maycroft Mystery Series. A little romance, some snarky suburban competition, and a lot of mystery will keep you turning pages in this cozy whodunit. 

My Review

Deena Sharpe, a retired journalism teacher, gets more than she bargained for when an elderly socialite is killed in the middle of a party. With the encouragement of her brother, she launches her own investigation of the murder. Deena is an interesting and likable character; she is smart and caring. Overall, the main characters make up a well-developed group, including Deena’s husband, her brother, and the victim’s daughter. Several suspects emerge as the story unfolds and details about the victim’s family history are revealed. I found Sharpe Edge to be an enjoyable read with interesting plot twists.  I believe fans of  clean cozy mysteries will enjoy this book.

Note: Although this is the second installment in a series, it can easily be read as a standalone mystery.

sharpmind_*** NEWS FLASH ***
Sharpe Mind, the third book in this series, is scheduled for release on January 31, 2016.
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About The Author
Born and raised in Texas, Lisa Thomas always knew she wanted to be a writer. Finally, after thirty-three years as a high school Journalism and English teacher, she released her first novel and hasn’t slowed down. She also has a writing guide for creative non-fiction. Lisa lives a quiet life with her husband and peekapoo. Besides writing, she enjoys her grandchildren, photography, traveling, and antiquing (buying and selling old junk). Visit her website:


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