Book Review: SWEET DREAMS, BABY BELLE by Kim Carter

Today, I’m happy to tell you about Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle, a suspense-filled page turner  by Kim Carter.


sweetdreamsbelleLizzie, a small-town waitress, thought she’d finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant Chatsworth. She was young and in love, and the quick courtship ended with the four carat diamond engagement ring of her dreams.  Lizzie soon learns all that glitters is not gold. Her handsome husband, renowned cardiac surgeon and developer of a new congestive heart failure drug, was becomes cruel and controlling.  When Lizzie discovers that her husband’s drug development company is a Ponzi scheme, she realizes that her life could be in danger if she doesn’t somehow escape the gated mansion on the hill. 

With her parents deceased, her only hope is to get to Biloxi, Mississippi and seek refuge with her sister, Maggie. Maggie and her husband Leland quickly find a safe harbor for Lizzie in a house on the bayou.  The confines of her hideaway soon get to Lizzie so she begins sneaking out in the middle of the night to walk in the historical cemetery next door. One night a damaged, carved lamb on top of the tombstone of a small child catches her eye, and the story of the child immediately captures her heart. Just when Lizzie thinks her world can’t get any more complicated, she finds herself in the middle of a mystery from the 1800s that is pulling her in and demanding she seek justice. 

As her husband’s empire begins to crumble, he’s more determined than ever to find Lizzie and kill her. But, will the mystery of Baby Belle’s death end Lizzie’s life first? 

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and fast moving, with a healthy dose of suspense.  The characters were well developed, making it easy to feel for Lizzie and despise her husband, Grant. A likable older woman also plays a key role in the story, adding further dimension to it. What impressed me most was the author’s ability to develop distinct subplots alongside the main story, with multiple protagonists, without confusing the reader or detracting from the main plot.  This was my first time reading this author’s work, it probably won’t be the last.

FTC Disclosure:   I received a copy of this book in the hope that I would post an honest review. This has not affected the content of my review in any way.

 Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle is available on Amazon.


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