Book Review: RETRIBUTION by Alison Clifford

This week I have chosen to post my review of a suspense-filled book I picked up recently on Amazon.  Retribution by Alison Clifford is the second book in the White Rose Series.

Retribution“They wouldn’t see it coming.” 
Believing the dangers of the past were behind them, FBI Assistant Director Warren Pearce and his wife Beth savour the peace they have found. 
But the secrets they had thought buried re-emerge to threaten a friend, and take control once more. 
With the secret’s power to destroy their lives, they must keep their search for answers hidden from the FBI. Warren joins his friend Sam, an ex-FBI agent turned private investigator, to identify and stop the culprit before the promised acts of reprisal can take place. 
As the threat intensifies against them all, Warren must uncover the source of evil, and halt it, before the horrifying final act of Retribution.

My Review

Retribution is a well written novel that takes place in Washington D.C.  Although Warren and Beth, the main protagonists,  are at the heart of the story, they are not alone. The plot highlights the interactions between three couples, who are tied together by overlapping friendships and a shared secret from the past.  At first, I was a bit confused by the multitude of characters, but as the story progressed their distinct personalities and back stories emerged.
Both suspense and the romance were well developed within plot.  The story moved along at a great pace, with interesting twists and turns along the way.  If you are a fan of romantic suspense/thrillers, you will enjoy this book.

Note: Although high on romance and suspense, Retribution is a great clean read, meaning it doesn’t include profanity or graphic descriptions of sex/violence.

BTW, the author is Australian, meaning she uses non-American spelling  and you might encounter an unfamiliar turn of phrase now and then – but nothing that can’t be understood from context.

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