Book Review: THE BROOKLYN DROP by Susan Russo Anderson


Today, as part of a Blog Tour organized by Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours, I am happy to introduce you to Susan Russo Anderson’s recently released  book,  The Brooklyn Drop (A Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn Mystery Book 4).


COVER BROOKLYN DROPIn the middle of a wintry night, private investigator Fina Fitzgibbons finds Lorraine’s friend, Phyllida Oxley, slumped over her dining room table, the victim of memory-impairing date rape drugs. When her condition goes from poor to comatose, her distraught fifteen-year-old granddaughter, Kat Oxley disappears. Meanwhile, Fina’s agency is busy surveilling a massage parlor in Bensonhurst suspected of human trafficking, and Fina’s father reappears to throw a wrench into her relationship with NYPD Patrol Officer Denny McDuffy. As Fina frantically searches for the missing teen, she uncovers the truth behind the traffickers, but they have a surprise waiting for her in the not-so-friendly skies.

My Review

I found this to be an interesting mystery with an intricate and elaborate plot. Fina is a likable private detective, determined to find out who would drug an elderly woman and kidnap her granddaughter. She is smart and stubborn, too. Fina is complemented by a diverse cast of characters, from her policeman boyfriend and his parents, to the array of potential suspects. Overall the story moved along at a pleasant and steady pace.

Although this is the fourth book featuring Fina Fitzgibbons, this book is a self-contained story and can be read as a standalone.

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book as part of this blog tour. This has not affected the content of my review in any way.

About This Author

susan (1)Susan Russo Anderson is a writer, a mother, a member of Sisters in Crime, a graduate of Marquette University. She’s taught language arts and creative writing, worked for a publisher, an airline, an opera company. Like Faulkner’s Dilsey, she’s seen the best and the worst, the first and the last. Through it all, and to understand it somewhat, she writes. Too Quiet in Brooklyn, the first book in the Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn mystery series, published December 2013. The second book in the series, Missing Brandy, about a missing teen, published September 2014, and Whiskey’s Gone, about the abduction of a single mom, completes a trilogy. The working title of the fourth is Dead in Brooklyn.


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