Release Spotlight: BURNT SECRETS by Barbara A. Martin

Today,  I am happy to introduce you to Barbara A. Martin’s recently released cozy mystery – Burnt Secrets.  This is the second book in her Bodies Everywhere Series.

Synopsis (from Amazon):

BurntSecretsFrontCoverA dangerous drug smuggling ring has taken control of Western North Carolina. They have a very unpleasant way of getting rid of their enemies. All law enforcement agencies have been called in to stop this threat. Marge, Abby, Liz and Shawn are anxious to help out. But will their efforts put them in more danger than FBI Special Agent Paul Froman can protect them from? Through all this turmoil, humor and a pinch of romance blossom.

This is a ‘clean’ read.

The Bodies Everywhere Series includes:

Click here to check out the trailer for Burnt Secrets.

About the Author
With a background in health care and business, Barbara A. Martin retired early to write ‘clean’ cozy mystery stories, which are her favorite genre to read. Her inspiration comes from reading Agatha Christie novels the majority of her life. She also has a passion for old movies of the 30s to 50s, back when movies didn’t have R ratings.

Her website at is dedicated to showcasing ‘clean’ indie authors’ books, as well as artwork, photography and arts & crafts.

You can contact her at


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