Guest Post: RRBC “Spotlight Author” LARRY HYATT on Creating Funny

Today I am happy to host Larry Hyatt, author of  How to Reach for the American Dream… (And Not Get it!) and fellow RRBC member, as a guest on my blog. Larry is here to share his ideas on creating comedy.


My writing is usually for the spoken word but I use my blog for observations, one liners, fake news, and outright lies. Satire we’ll call it. Here are some things I do. I didn’t think these up. If you’re looking to add some funny of your own, here are 5 comedy exercises you can do.

  1. Faux-obituaries
    This is a fake death notice, eulogy, honorary speech at a function, etc. They can be famous people in their own world or famous in yours. They can be just your average person. You have complete control over someone’s life and death and they’re not there to correct you.
  2. Take the news stories of the day that have nothing in common and match them together.
    Sometimes it’s written right in front of you. Donald Trump right now and anything stereotypical is easy. From his hair to his money, to the way he says things unfiltered. Add general political policies and you can come up with something.

Orland, Fl.-An Idaho father of three, who lost his head in a freak
potato accident, is suing Disney World, on its 50th Anniversary
after being sold a king’s crown in the Magic Kingdom.

  1. Song Parodies
    Take a well known song and create lyrics to it. When a woman or women do    something in the news such as the Women’s US Soccer team wins the Women’s  Cup, use the song, American Woman by Grand Funk Railroad. Use the names of  the team, how they won, or anything that describes the event, person or subject.
  2. Absurd Headlines
    Fake news but short.
    “Donald Trump Throws Hair in Presidential Race.” (Trump is so easy)           Puns work  well.
  3. Inside a Character’s HeadAuthor Photo 2
    This is something that works better when you can add voice but it is fun just the same. Great when put, “And now another exciting episode of….
    One Minute Inside a Bimbo’s Head
    One Minute of Thoughts From The Boss
    One Minute of Teenagers Without a Clue

You can always go online and find other peoples humor but if you need a little original humor for a speech or function. These exercises might help.

About the Author:
Larry Hyatt has written radio comedy, sketch comedy and plays, produced television and radio, worked as a creative director for an arts and entertainment magazine, and published numerous humorous articles and essays. Originally from New Orleans, he’s a former graduate of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts and attended Loyola University’s School of Music as a vocalist, went into radio broadcasting, has been a nightclub in-house entertainer (where he did theatre in a bar), produced and hosted television shows for LCN-TV, and started an entertainment magazine called the “The Tri-Parish Navi-Gator,” featuring theatre, music, dinning and the arts in South Louisiana. He hosts “Larry Hyatt is the Morning” on C-96.7 KCIL Radio in Houma, La.

Find Larry online:
Twitter: @hyhattlarry

Book Blurb:
Book Cover (1)How to Reach for the American Dream… (And Not Get it!) is the fictional, comedic account of the life of an entertainer who from childhood had what it took to “make it.” You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer him on as he struggles to achieve what only a select few can through his television kid show debut, glee clubs, remedial college studies, gaining weight as a “starving” artist, dating women out of his league, nightclub entertainer, and romps through radio, television, and publishing.

How to Reach for the American Dream… (And Not Get it!) is available on Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Guest Post: RRBC “Spotlight Author” LARRY HYATT on Creating Funny

  1. Great post, Larry! Love the tips 🙂 Hope you have a brilliant week in the Spotlight! 🙂

    Cassidy, thanks so much for hosting Larry today 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice going Cassedy and Larry. I’m a hormist writer and while not great at one liners–which I love–I do Erma Bombeck as well as she did–or almost. Never copied her, We both just started out at the same ages and she got famous. I love writing funny slice of life stories and even my book was more humor than sadness. I know many have trouble with humor writing. But we all have our own niche. I can’t stretch a short st0ry into a novel–and I read mostly novels!! This was another great interview!!


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