Book Review: FRANKLY SPEAKING by Don Massenzio

Franklyspeaking._SL1500_Earlier this week I decided it was time to poke around on my Kindle and read more of the stuff I already have instead of just adding more and more books.  Among the many books in my TBR pile I discovered Frankly Speaking (Frank Rozzani Detective Novels Book 1), which had been on my Kindle since last October.  At last its time had come.

Synopsis (from Amazon)

A 16 year old girl has disappeared. The police believe she is a runaway. Her parents believe she has been taken and is being held against her will. When the parents enlist the services of Frank Rozzani, a former police officer turned private detective, a series of events begins to unfold that implicates a popular local pastor and the religious stronghold of the ultra-conservative community.  Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, must find the young girl despite the obstacles launched at him from the local police and others whose interests may be compromised by his investigation. Frank enlists the help of his associate Clifford “Jonesy” Jones to find the girl, uncover the conspiracy, and stay alive. While solving the case, Frank must deal with the demons that drove him from Upstate New York causing him to leave traumatic memories and his children behind.

My Review

This is the first book in Don Massenzio’s series about  Frank Rozzani, a former cop turned private investigator who is hiding out in Florida to escape his past.  His back story is revealed to the reader as part of the natural course of Frank’s budding friendship with a local woman.  When he is hired to find out what happened to a missing girl, Frank does his utmost to discover the truth. He is aided by his best friend and fellow musician, Jonesy.  The banter between the two characters provides an element of comic relief in a fast-moving tale that reveals troubling crimes. I don’t want to spoil the story for others, so suffice it to say that the mystery unravelled with twists and turns, like a good mystery should, and the pages kept turning into the wee hours of the night. If I ever conquer my TBR list, I definitely plan to read additional books in this series. Frankly Speaking is available on Amazon. Additional books in this series by Don Massenzio include:


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