Book Review: BAYLIN HOUSE by L. J. Parker

baylinHouse_coverThis week I am excited to tell you about a great cozy mystery by L. J. Parker.

Synopsis (from Amazon) 

It was supposed to be a quick-fix editing job to uncover an old secret from the past, but Cassie’s involvement has uncovered more, including a connection to her own family.  A native of Las Vegas, Cassandra Crowley has been hired to complete an autobiography for cancer stricken Rosalie Baylin on the south Texas Gulf Coast. But word of Rosalie’s illness has put her beloved Baylin House under attack, and Cassie must deal with disappearing funds, a witch hunt by the county Health Department, and now even the police who suspect one of Rosalie’s mentally challenged clients in a Homicide.

My Review

L.J. Parker has created a very likeable character in Cassandra Crowley.  Cassie is  hired to edit and flesh out the biography of Rosalie, the founder of Baylin House, a supportive framework for adults with special needs  Cassie’s job is full of challenges, including coaxing information out of a kind but ailing elderly woman, attempting to prevent the efforts of unknown persons to close Baylin House, and dealing with the very unpleasant woman who will sign her paycheck.  To make matters worse, police are investigating the possible connection of a former resident to a recent murder in Cordell Bay and sparks soon fly between Cassie and the handsome lead detective on the case. The plot is intricate, with suspense building as Cassie digs into the history and funding of Baylin House.

All in all, a very enjoyable read – so much so that I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish it.  I hope that the author speeds up her work on the next installment of this series – I can’t wait to read it.

Baylin House is available on Amazon


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