Book Review: TREACHEROUS BUSINESS by Lynette S. Jones

Synopsis (from Amazon)TB_cover_SL1500_

Found innocent of Kari Sutherland’s murder, Gennie immerses herself in running the employment agency she and Kari had established. Her best friend’s death, Tim’s betrayal, and the ensuing accusations had almost destroyed her. Gennie still carries a torch for Kari’s fiance, Tim, now her silent partner in the agency. When history appears to be repeating itself, Gennie and Tim are forced to sort through their past relationship as they work together to discover the truth about Kari’s death before Gennie becomes the next victim.

My Review

Treacherous Business is an enjoyable and fast-paced romantic mystery.  I finished it in one day. The main character, Gennie, has bounced back after having been unjustly accused of her best friend’s murder and other crimes. She is doing her best to move on, and you can’t help but root her on. She is doing great until rumors of shady business practices start to fly. Rumors that echo the problems the business faced around the time of her partner’s death. Gennie needs to figure out what is going on and who is responsible before things get out of control. At the same time, she has to cope with her conflicting feelings for Tim as they are thrust together to solve mystery. Their relationship reminded me of a classic romance novel with Gennie and Tim cast as the star-crossed lovers – constantly misreading one another’s signals, fluctuating between hope and despair regarding the prospect for a happy ending. And, as in any good mystery, suspense builds as the story unfolds in stages with the identity and motivation of the culprit coming as a surprise.

You can find Treacherous Business and other books by Lynette S. Jones on Amazon and Smashwords.


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