Book Review: MIAMI REQUIEM by J. B. Turner

I’m the first to admit that I probably read too many light and breezy cozy mysteries. What can I say, I enjoy them. Well, last week I sunk my teeth into something far more thought-provoking. Not a cozy, not at all.

Miami Requiem is the first book in the Deborah Jones Crime Thriller Series and my first time reading this author’s work.
Miami Requiem cover
Synopsis (from Amazon)
She wanted the truth. They wanted her dead.
Since her first day on the Miami Herald, rookie reporter Deborah Jones has been agitating for a shot at one particular story. William Craig is on Death Row, convicted of killing Senator Jack O’Neill’s only son. There is no question of his guilt. Craig murdered the young man who was acquitted of raping his granddaughter. There are only five weeks and one day until his execution. And Craig has not given a single interview. Deborah Jones has assembled a whole dossier on the case, including court transcripts and every newspaper clipping. She wants to know what prompted Craig to exact revenge. And she has her own, very personal reasons for wishing to uncover the truth. Managing Editor of the Herald Sam Goldberg is well aware that Senator O’Neill has powerful friends. The two men have crossed swords on a number of occasions. But against his better judgment, he decides to give Deborah a chance to prove herself. Only with one warning – ‘Be careful. Florida may be the Sunshine State to most people. But it’s not. It’s a swamp. Don’t ever forget that.’

My Review

Miami Requiem is the well written story of a rookie journalist who takes on the challenge of trying to save a death row inmate from impending execution. It touched on serious issues pertaining to the imperfect workings of the criminal justice system. The author created a well-defined protagonist in Deborah Jones. She is smart and independent, and at the same time vulnerable as she attempts to exorcise the demons from her own past. The plot is fast moving, intricate and well thought out, with the secrets of past crimes and conspiracies (political and criminal), gradually revealed as a result of Deborah’s determination and research. I enjoyed this book and definitely plan to read Dark Waters, the next installment in the Deborah Jones Mystery Series.


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