Book Review: A DEAD HUSBAND by Anna Celeste Burke



“My first day as a sleuth was more Stephanie Plum than Miss Marple.”
Jessica Huntington, amateur sleuth with a shopping jones and a black AMEX card, finds out money can’t buy happiness, or save your neck. Her well-planned life in shambles, she’s hiding out near Palm Springs. When her best friend’s husband is murdered, Jessica and her friends are soon stalked by scoundrels in pantyhose, stilettos, Bruno Maglis, and Armani suits. Roger Stone had something that got him killed. What was it and what will they do to get it back?
Even in a desert paradise life is full of surprises, like A DEAD HUSBAND.

My Review
Jessica Huntington is at a crossroads in her life. Her divorce would be final, if only she’d sign the papers. She has returned to her childhood home to ruminate, and to shop, and then shop some more. Whereas some people seek food for comfort, Jessica shops. That is until her friend Laura’s husband Roger is murdered and Jessica and her friends join forces to prove Laura’s innocence and discover the true culprit.

Burke has developed an interesting and eclectic cast of characters in Jessica’s friends and in the “bad” guys, too. As Laura’s attorney, Jessica launches her own investigation into Roger’s death and places herself and those close to her in harm’s way. As the tale unfolds, new theories and suspects come into play, building up to a suspenseful finale in which Roger’s murderer is revealed and the pieces all come together.  I look forward to reading more about Jessica and her escapades in A DEAD SISTER.

A Dead Husband is the first book in the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book Series.

montagesmallOther books by Anna Celeste Burke:
LOVE A FOOT ABOVE THE GROUND (a prequel to the Jessica Huntingon Series)
A DEAD SISTER (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 2)

Planned for release in 2015:
A DEAD DAUGHTER (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Book 3)
THE CLEANER MAN (Betsy Stark Desert Cities Mystery Series, Book 1)

About Anna Celeste Burke

“Life is an extravaganza! Figuring out how to hang tough, and make the most of the wild ride, is the challenge.”
On her way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop-out she had married in Tijuana, Anna Burke was nabbed as a runaway. Eventually, the police let her go, but the rock band broke up. After a stop in Disney World, more education landed both Burke and her husband in academia at The Ohio State University. For decades Burke researched, wrote, and spoke about what she refers to as “a number of gloriously nerdy topics.” Retired and still married to the same guy, she lives near Palm Springs, California. Burke’s Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series set in the Sonoran Desert, a spectacular place to ponder life’s mysteries while relishing the delights of the desert resort cities.

You can follow Anna Burke and her Desert Cities Mysteries at


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